Call for applicants for a masterclass Scoring writing by G.Wittmann

06 May

From 21st to 26th of May International Contemporary Dance Festival ‘VIDES DEJA 2019’ will take place in Riga. Choreographers in collaboration with dramaturges will create site-specific dance performances that will look at coexistence of humans and nature in an urban environment. The aim of the festival is to raise awareness in a creative way examining the relations of humans and nature and using the artistic tools of contemporary dance choreography.

In the framework of the festival we are honored to invite professional dancers, choreographers and dance critics to the workshop Scoring writing, that will take place from 21st to 24th May in Goethe Institute in Riga. 

What do we perceive when we witness a dance performance? And how can we bring individual „readings“ into a common understanding? What does choreographed movement communicate – and how? Scoring Writing is a creative reflective practice Gabriele Wittmann developed, using procedures from the field of contemporary dance. Scores from dance are matched with tasks from dance criticism, creative writing, and scientific procedures. What is aimed for is a deepening of our perception, articulation and differentiation of our understanding and verbal vocabulary – a structure which will be built individually for each piece anew.

You can apply to the workshops through the webpage:

Gabriele Wittmann is writing about dance – this has been the key occupation of dance critic and lecturer Gabriele Wittmann. Since 1993, she has published extensively for German Public Radio and Television ARD and ZDF/ 3sat, newspapers like taz, magazines like Tanzdrama and for the Society of Dance Scholars (GTF). Since 2003, she teaches dance history and dance writing at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt-Main (HfMDK, Germany), where she developed a course curriculum around her collective creative writing practice “Scoring Writing”. She also teaches dance dramaturgy and writing at Universities for Music and Performing Arts in other cities like Hamburg (HfM) and Cologne (HfMT). Her research includes studies in Release Technique (Diehl/ Lampert 2011), an inquiry into the postmodern pioneer in expressive arts Anna Halprin (Wittmann/ Schorn/Land 2015) and into postcolonial perspectives on contemporary dance currently produced in India (Cherian 2016).

International Contemporary Dance Festival ‘VIDES DEJA 2019’ supporters are State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Education, Culture, and Sports Department of Riga City Council. The festival is organized in collaboration with The World Wide Fund for Nature, Riga central Market, GRIF.LV and other companies and organisations in Riga.

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