“Vides Dance” festival announces application of artists and performances

30 Sep

From September 30th to December 1st, “Vides Deja” festival invites choreographers, playwrights, stage designers, actors and musicians to apply to create performance(s) of the 2020 festival, from 3rd to 9th of August. Performances are also invited to apply.

The 2020 festival will be devoted to the FUTURE AND ECOLOGY, that's why staging dance performances, choreographers and creative team is asked to think not only about global ecological problems - climate changes un conservation of biodiversity, but also about ECOLOGY OF HUMANITY.

Professional contemporary dance choreographers who wish to perform site-specific dance performances in and around Ligatne are invited to apply, as well as professional dancers, playwrights and stage designers who wish to be involved in the production of performances. Starting in 2020 the festival is also asking for dance enthusiasts and locals to apply for site-specific dance workshops. It is also encouraged to submit performances that are in line with the festival concept and are adaptable to non-traditional venues or outdoor stage.

Next year, the festival will invite professional artists and dance enthusiasts alike for the 10th time in the process of creating site-specific dance performances, this time offering Ligatne as a platform for contemporary dance. The aim of the festival is to challenge artists to create works in symbiosis with the environment, as well as to promote cultural and artistic diversity in the regions of Latvia.

Application form for choreographers - https://www.videsdeja.lv/pieteikuma-anketa-horeogrāfiem-application-form-for-choreographers?t=1569850498898 ;

Application form for artists - https://www.videsdeja.lv/pieteikuma-anketa-m%C4%81ksliniekiem-application-form-for-artists?t=1569850532314 ;

Application form for performances - https://www.videsdeja.lv/pieteikuma-anketa-izr%C4%81d%C4%93m-application-form-for-performances?t=1569850554172 .

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