Call for applicants for The International Contemporary Dance Festival "VIDES DEJA 2019"

15 Apr

From 21st to 26th of May International Contemporary Dance Festival ‘VIDES DEJA 2019’ will take place in Riga. Choreographers in collaboration with dramaturges will create site-specific dance performances that will look at coexistence of humans and nature in an urban environment. The aim of the festival is to raise awareness in a creative way examining the relations of humans and nature and using the artistic tools of contemporary dance choreography.

The main idea of the festival ‘VIDES DEJA’ is to notice special and specific places, to use the local environment as a stage in the creation of site-specific dance performances, involving the stories, feelings and memories of local inhabitants. The festival has had eight editions presented in various areas of Latvia. This year part of festival’s activities will take place in Riga allowing the inhabitants and guests of Riga to have an insight of site-specific dance performances.

From 13th of April to 1st of May we invite professional dancers, contemporary dance enthusiast, actors, musicians, students, performing artists and other interested participants to apply for participation to the festival through the web-page

The choreographers - Katrīna Albuže, Eva Krūmiņa, Lilija Lipora, Marija Ri Shirotsuki, Guntis Spridzāns, Edgars Šļakota will collaborate with dramaturges Tatjana Meļehova, Laura Lapiņa, Aiva Birbele, Linda Krūmiņa in order to create six site-specific dance performances in different places of Riga throughout the 5th and 7th tram line.

The premiere of the performances will take place on the 26th of May. But from 21st to 24th of May professional dancers, choreographers, dramaturges and critics are invited to participate in workshops ‘How to write about contemporary dance’ that will be presented by German dance researcher Gabriele Wittmann.

International Contemporary Dance Festival ‘VIDES DEJA 2019’ supporters are State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Education, Culture, and Sports Department of Riga City Council. The festival is organized in collaboration with The World Wide Fund for Nature, Riga central Market, GRIF.LV and other companies and organisations in Riga.

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