International Contemporary Dance Festival "VIDES DEJA" will celebrate its decade in Līgatne

18 Aug

The International Dance Festival "VIDES DEJA" will take place the tenth time next year, offering to explore Līgatni as a contemporary dance platform from 3 to 9 August.

The "Vides Deja" festival is a place to discover dance art, meet, inspire and create unusual site-specific dance  performances in an authentic atmosphere. Festival invites artists in 2020 to connect with the unique nature and historic architecture of the "cave city".

Every year during the festival, professional dance choreographers and instructors conduct site-specific dance performances, organize contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation and other body and environment related activities for both performing arts professionals and anyone interested in contemporary dance.

The festival "Vides Deja" took place for the first time in 2011 in Piņķi, Babīte district, where the author and director of the idea Lilija Lipora found dance partner and stage design in the environment. During this time, the festival has grown significantly, with an international reach and an annual gathering of around 500 visitors. So far, more than 60 site-specific dance performances have been staged within the festival and more than 30 performances have been shown in Piņķi, Ropaži, Lūznava and Riga.

The aim of the festival is to challenge artists to create their works in symbiosis with the environment, as well as to promote cultural and artistic diversity in Latvian regions.

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