For the tenth year in a row, the International Contemporary Dance Festival “Vides Deja” brings together artists and dance enthusiasts to meet, get inspired and create unusual environmental dance performances in an authentic atmosphere. The main goal of the festival is to challenge artists to create works in symbiosis with the environment, as well as to promote cultural and artistic diversity in the regions of Latvia.

The festival “Vides Deja” took place for the first time in 2011 in Pinki, Babīte region, when the author and leader of its idea Lilija Lipora saw a dance partner and scenography in the environment. During this time, the festival has grown significantly, going international and gathering more and more visitors every year.

The 2020 festival will be dedicated to the FUTURE AND ECOLOGY.

Within the framework of the festival, environmental dance performances are performed, contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation and other classes related to the study of body and environment are organized for both performing arts professionals and those interested in contemporary dance, regardless of the level of preparation. Everyone is invited to attend the festival's performances. Everything during the festival is created in harmony with the environment, local nature and history, focusing on ecological and nature-friendly organisation.


The festival will take place in Līgatne in 2020, inviting you to feel the connection with its unique nature and historical architecture. The festival will allow its visitors to get to know the paper mill, nature trails, sandstone outcrop and other favorite places of the town.


This year, the festival is scheduled for August 3 to 9. Detailed information about upcoming events, participation in activities and festival schedule will be published on the "Vides Deja" website and social networks.