Pieteikuma anketa horeogrāfiem / Application form for choreographers

From September 30 to January 1, we invite you to apply for a professional contemporary dancing choreographers who wants to study at performance festival "VIDES DEJA 2020"!

There is a need to research and create site-specific dance productions that are in keeping with the theme of the festival. The production can be done as a solo work or with the involvement of dance enthusiasts, locals, dance drama and music professionals (specific personalities may also be mentioned). The place and object must be chosen in agreement with the organizers of the event. Duration of the site-specific dance is 15-30 min. Premiere is on the closing day of the festival.

Mandatory attendance throughout the festival (August 3 - 9). Operational communication with organizers.

The festival provides-catering, accommodation, royalties. International travel costs are to be paid by yourself. The festival provides local transport as much as possible.

^ Kāds ir performances temats, izvēlētie paņēmieni? Vai ir svarīgs dalībnieku vecums un daudzums? / What is the theme of the performance, chosen techniques? Is the age and number of participants important?

^ Vai Jūs vēlētos piedāvāt festivāla programmai meistarklasi? Kādu? Kāda būtu vēlamā autoratlīdzība? / Would you like to offer a master class to the festival program? What type of? What would be the preferred royalty?